Mr Wilson’s Second Liners

Mr Wilson’s Second Liners

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New Orleans meets ’90s club classics

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The brass band channels the spirit of Manchester’s 24 Hour Party People, while proudly continuing the bright tradition of the marching band.


In New Orleans, they celebrate funerals in style. The main parade section is followed by the ‘Second Line,’ the stragglers enjoying the music, waving hankies and whipping the audience into a celebratory frenzy.

Mr Wilson’s Second Liners bring New Orleans charisma to their tribute to 90s dance classics. Northerners themselves, they celebrate the tunes of the Hacienda, 90s club culture and its greatest hero, Tony Wilson.

Upbeat dance tracks mixed with brightly uniformed marching band-style bring a southern flavour to old favourites, and refreshing flair to any party.

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