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A comic mix of exaggerated ego, overexcited performance and genuinely impressive magic skills, Mr Swallow is the creation of actor, writer and comedian Nick Mohammed. Whilst Mr Swallow has starred in his own Sky programme, Nick is a veteran of sitcoms including Intelligence (which he also wrote) and Uncle, and films including Absolutely Fabulous and The Martian.


Mr Swallow is as amazed as anyone at his feats of magic, memory and mind-reading. A mix of ego, excitement and silliness, his illusions never fail to impress, except when they go completely wrong.

A combination of brilliant comic timing and well-practiced magic, Mr Swallow is the creation of comedian, writer and actor Nick Mohammed. Nick’s career has taken in the Cambridge Footlights, performing as a more convention standup, acting in sitcoms and Hollywood films, and now, having added magician to his resumé, live and TV performances as the somewhat deluded Mr Swallow.

The eccentric performer struggles to resolve a belief that he was born to greatness with a desire not to be upstaged by his own incredible illusions. Whether it’s card tricks or memorising the whole menu from a chain restaurant, Mr Swallow wants desperately to both impress an audience, and be recognised as the star he should be.

After successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe, Mr Swallow has already appeared on TV in his own one-off Sky episode Mr. Swallow's Valentine, in which he and his business partner staged a shambolic production of Romeo and Juliet. His alter ego Nick has starred in the hit sitcoms Intelligence (which Nick also wrote), Uncle, The Job Lot, and Drifters, as well as the Absolutely Fabulous film, the Oscar-nominated The Martian, and the Disney hit Christopher Robin (as the voice of Piglet).

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