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Micky P Kerr

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Musical Comedian

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Primary school teacher turned musician turned comedian Micky went from being a popular performer on his local music and comedy scenes to appearing on one of the county’s biggest TV shows, reaching the final of Britain’s Got Talent. With an endearing combination of down-to-earth charm, cheeky observations, self-deprecation and comic songs, he wins over audiences of all backgrounds.


Micky P Kerr is a comedian and musician. Having established himself as a popular performer on the live music circuit in his native Yorkshire he moved into standup and musical comedy, a move that also saw him reach the final of Britain’s Got Talent.

By day a primary school teacher, Micky went from the pubs and music venues around Leeds and the north of England to the comedy clubs. He won over audiences around the country with his down to earth, occasionally cheeky and self-deprecating reflections on family life and becoming middle aged (and the journey from cool musician to just being tired most of the time).

Micky hit the mainstream with his appearance on Britain’s Got Talent (having turned the show down multiple times). His performances, including his popular bag for life song, and his number dedicated to Judy Murray (who appeared as a surprise guest on the programme) saw him reach the final via overwhelming public support, as well as the encouragement of David Walliams.

With his combination of standup and comic songs, Micky appeals to all audiences, from music festivalgoers to Saturday night TV viewers to groups of under 10s. Along with his material he also performs songs written especially for the occasion.

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