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With typically Gallic insouciance, Marcel dissects Britain and the British in a way only a citizen of the far superior nation of France can. From drink to dress-sense he mocks the stereotypes of both nations in a manner described by The Times as “excellently dry”.


Marcel Lucont is a bon vivant, raconteur, man about town, and an award-winning comedian. He is also on a mission to highlight the superiority of the French, and more specifically, of one particular Frenchman (him).

With Gallic nonchalance, a roll-neck jumper and a hint of irony, Marcel considers the inferiority of British food, jokes, pastimes, manners and social mores. Too sophisticated to lower himself to the level of most standups, he delivers carefully honed barbs and clever observations with a weary insouciance bordering on arrogance.

The creation of actor and comedian Alexis Dubus, Marcel entertainingly mocks the stereotypes of the British as much as of the French. From wine to women, politics to culture, he plays with the idea that the French are effortlessly smarter, more stylish and more fun than their rivals across the Channel.

“Excellently dry“ according to The Times, and “fresh and hilarious” according to the Guardian, Marcel has been a hit at comedy festivals around the world. He has appeared on John Bishop's Christmas Show and Russell Howard's Good News and was a regular on Live at the Electric. Marcel’s views are also to be found in his book, What We French Think Of You British…And Where You Are Going Wrong.

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