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Musical Comedy Sisters

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Sisters Flo & Joan (Nicola and Rosie Dempsey) write and perform comic songs ranging from the light and upbeat to the dark and deadpan that according to the Telegraph are “intricately crafted, flawlessly performed and that will have you howling with laughter.”


After working in the US and Canada (separately) in sketch and improv groups, sisters Flo & Joan (actually Nicola and Rosie Dempsey) came together to form a comic singing/piano /percussion duo. Their 2016 Song, a comic take on all of the terrible things that happened in that year, became a viral hit with over 40million views, but they became known to a wider audience for their series of TV ads for Nationwide.

The pair combine a range of musical styles and comic songs with a modern, often biting edge that the Telegraph described as “intricately crafted, flawlessly performed numbers that will have you howling with laughter.” Both upbeat and deadpan, their style has been likened to that of Victoria Wood, and their songs cover everything from sibling rivalry to dating and bees.





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