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Doug Segal

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Comic Mind Control

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“The UK’s best kept entertainment secret” according to Time Out, Doug is a comedy mindreader with as difference. After leaving a career in advertising he travelled the country showcasing his feats of mental illusionism. Once onstage, he also realised his talent for standup and has gradually merged the two disciplines and now combines infuriatingly perplexing tricks with a no-nonsense sense of humour.


Doug Segal uniquely combines standup comedy with mind control. He is the only mind reader to show his audience how his mind tricks work, even turning them into mind readers themselves.

After a career in advertising, Doug took to showbusiness, astounding audiences with how to manipulate and predict what they’re thinking. Live, his interactive shows cover everything from predicting the lottery to stunts like teaching the audience how to detect lies as he challenges four members to pass his Human Lie Detector Test. He subliminally implants an imaginary holiday into an audience member’s mind without their knowledge while simultaneously showing the rest of the audience the script he is using. Unusually, as well as being entertaining, audiences leave with a new skill as Doug teaches them a mind trick they can use on others and gets an audience member to successfully read the minds of two others.

With a fifteen year career as a senior advertising executive, it is no surprise that Doug is at home on the conference platform as well as the cabaret stage. He is experienced at turning his work on the human mind to complex business briefs and can design shows, presentations and workshops for both business and comedy events.

In interactive and energising motivational presentations on teamwork, Doug demonstrates the psychology of effective teamwork. He encourages delegates to use the effects of positive and negative influence to complete a task with the odds stacked against success, to use trust and co-operation to defy gravity, and to literally dance in the street.

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