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Colin Cloud

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The Forensic Mind Reader

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Combining forensic profiling, psychology and comedy, Colin has amazed and entertained audiences from Las Vegas to the Edinburgh Fringe, London's West End to Australia with his incredible feats of deduction that have seen him described as a real-life Sherlock Holmes.


Colin Cloud knows how people think and how they give themselves away in ways few would think possible. Simply from someone's appearance he's able to deduce everything from where they’ve been that day, what they do for a living to their PIN code. Combining observation and psychology to creative and entertaining effect, his TV appearances have generated praise and awe on both sides of the Atlantic and seen him described as a real-life Sherlock Holmes.

Initially a student of forensic investigation, Colin took his expertise in profiling and deductive reasoning and combined them with a love of performance and comedy. He was a semi-finalist on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, where the judges’ and audience reaction were so great that he returned to appear on America's Got Talent: The Champions.

Billed as The Forensic Mind Reader, he has sold out shows at five Edinburgh Festivals, with his PSYCHO(Logical) show described as a "thrill ride, where your thoughts and imagination will guide and mislead you before ultimately, revealing the truth".

From New York and Las Vegas to London’s West End, Colin’s performances and incredible feats have amazed and intrigued. He has spent the last twenty years performing for everyone from royalty and A-list celebrities to some of the largest organisations on the planet, and now even ‘off the planet’ – because, since pioneering virtual mentalism shows, he has also performed for astronauts in space.

Amongst many live performances he’s appeared at the Royal Variety Performance and toured the US with the spectacular The Illusionists Live from Broadway.

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