Chris Turner

Chris Turner

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Comedian & Rapper

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Chris combines his stories with freestyle rap and puns about the periodic table and roman numerals. His debut Edinburgh show won the Amused Moose People’s Choice award and his performs with the Improv group Racing Minds.


Chris Turner is a sharp-witted performer of clever puns and deadpan observations. His wordplay has made him a hit on YouTube, on the live circuit around the world, and at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Combining well-crafted, unexpected puns with improvisation, Chris also frequently ends his routines with a freestyle rap (set up with due self-deprecation from the middle-class archaeology and anthropology graduate) based on suggestions from the audience. He smartly interweaves stories and thoughts about the life and the world with puns involving Roman numerals, hip-hop, French verbs and the periodic table.

Having reached the finals of four top new comedian competitions, Chris is now an established act performing around the UK, as well as in Europe and the US. He also performs with the improv comedy troupe Racing Minds and also speaks, delivering an entertaining but insightful look at how the creative mind works, using improv and freestyling to demonstrate how anyone can learn the tricks of thinking differently.

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The charmingly geeky archaeology graduate with a surprising penchant for gangsta rap blew our Real Variety Show audience away. But a one-trick pony he is not – Chris is one of the most polished comics around. With his talent, potential ‘dad jokes’ emerge risk-free as impeccable one-liners. JLA Agent Georgia Sharp

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