Björn Again

Björn Again

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Headline Abba Tribute

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The most popular tribute brand in the world, Bjorn Again have performed in more than sixty countries. The playlist includes Waterloo, Dancing Queen and Money Money Money – complete with a shower of chocolate coins.


Agnetha Falstart, Frida Longstokin, Benny Underwear and Bjorn Volvoeus surfaced after a collision between their helicopter and a giant glittery platform shoe from outer space which left them stranded on a desert island.

For a time everyone, even themselves, thought they were Swedish Supergroup Abba, since they looked, sounded and behaved so much like them, but of course they were not - they were Bjorn Again.

Since that day, Bjorn Again have turned tragedy into triumph and have become no less than megastars, with those beautiful melodies that everyone knows, startling fashion sense, unique dance steps and messages of love and kindness, all delivered in a full-on punchy action-packed rock show.

Bjorn Again have performed more than a thousand live shows in over twenty countries worldwide, playing to audiences of between six to 70,000 people.

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