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Director, Leadership in Mind

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Victor runs the not-for-profit health and social care provider. Rather than fundraising, all income comes from central and local government contracts. There’s now an annual turnover of £100m, and 2,500 people working with 100,000 individuals on drug and drink abuse, mental health, learning difficulties and long term unemployment. In his speeches Victor explores public health, diversity and social issues. He may also highlight the need for leaders to keep learning.


Victor Adebowale has been Chief Executive of the social charity Turning Point for over a decade. As well as more than 25 years experience in the health, social care and housing areas he is a leadership consultant for both private and public sector organisations.

Raised in Yorkshire, Victor left school, worked as a street sweeper, moved to London and returned to education, did an MA in Advanced Organisational Consulting and stayed in the city. After working for various housing charities he joined Centrepoint as Alcohol Recovery Project Director and became Chief Executive.

As Chief Executive of Turning Point, Victor leads a charity which does no fundraising; all of its income is derived from competing for central and local government contracts. He has turned the organisation around in his decade in charge from failing to an annual turnover of around £100million. Turning Point help over 100,000 people and have a nationwide workforce of over 2,500 working in areas from drug and alcohol abuse to mental health, learning disabilities and unemployment.

Victor has advised both Labour and Conservative administrations on various issues relating to housing, employment, social care and public service reform. As a leadership and organisational consultant he has worked with companies including Shell, KPMG and with local government. He is also a non executive director of the health IT consultancy St Vincents and of TomahawkPro, a collaborative software company, and is a member of the Audit Commission.

Victor believes that the only person in a company who should be constantly learning is those in charge, and that leadership is not about telling people what to do but what happens when you’re not in the room.

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