Dr Ulrich Walter (Germany)

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Astronaut & Professor of Spacefare Technology

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After astronautical training at NASA, Ulrich spent 10 days leading experiments on the European Spacelab. He has since hosted a popular German science show. With dramatic footage, Walter debunks some of the myths of space research, and considers if there really is life out there. In an alternative presentation called Eureka!, he invites audiences to question whether or not the tomato is red, and explains why fleas can’t jump as high as humans.


Ulrich Walter is one of few Europeans to have experienced space travel. Living the dream of many scientists and adventurers, he spent ten days as a payload specialist on the shuttle Columbia and the European Spacelab station.

After his academic work in America on ‘tunnelling microscopy,’ Walter was chosen from 1,799 applicants to train at the German Aerospace Centre and then at NASA headquarters.

Walter’s speeches cover all aspects of the flight. As well as extraordinary images of orbiting the earth, he shows life on board the shuttle, the preparation and discipline necessary to take part, and the considerable medical and psychological strains.

He also provides a glimpse into the infinite possibilities of space. In his new role as Professor of Spacefare Technology, and host of popular TV science shows, Ulrich is well placed to assess the value of exploration - and the possibility of extra-terrestrial intelligence.

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