Professor Trevor Williams

Professor Trevor Williams

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Former Lloyds Chief Economist

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The former Chief Economist at Lloyds Bank provides insightful economics overviews and considers how politics, demographics and climate change are shaping the economy. As part of the Institute of Economic Affairs’ Shadow Monetary Policy Committee, Trevor has a close eye on the Bank of England’s decisions. In speeches, he makes complex economic theories and trends understandable and relevant to any organisation.


Trevor Williams is an economist who previously served as Chief Economist at Lloyds Bank for over a decade. From energy and climate to how companies use data, he analyses the key trends and policies that shape markets and brings clarity and cutting edge thinking to the economic overviews. 

Prior to his time at Lloyds, Trevor worked for the civil service before going on to work as an economist in the City for over thirty years. He covered specialities including equity and foreign exchange, forecasting and financial analysis. Since, he rotates as the Chair of the Institute of Economic Affairs’ Shadow Monetary Policy Committee where he keeps a close eye on the Bank of England’s decisions and direction of travel. He considers the impact of interest rates, monetary policy and quantitative easing and translates them into useful intelligence businesses can use to inform strategy. He also reveals how companies can use their own big data sets to reveal insights into their place within the wider economy.

On a broader level, he provides insight into how politics, demographics and trade shape the economy. From earnings and inflation to stock markets and trade deals, Trevor explores the current economic trends and what they mean to organisations and individuals. With a focus on demystifying the information and sharing it how it really is, he considers the effects of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic and the recovery of the economy in the aftermath. Trevor also looks at the economics of climate change and energy. He examines the risks for investors, insurers and individuals from the cost to businesses and consumers to the potential effects of energy shortages.

Trevor writes regularly on financial and market matters, including a regular column in the personal finance magazine Moneyfacts. He is also the co-author of Trading Economics, a clear guide to the statistics and indicators that underpin market economics. 

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