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Czech Economist

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Tomas served as an advisor to the former President Václav Havel, and on the National Economic Council. He is now Chief Macro-Economic Strategist at CSOB, one of the republic’s main banks, and author of the highly acclaimed Economics of Good and Evil. In his presentations Tomas suggests that in order to be of real value, economics should not only concern itself with abstract mathematical modelling, but also with societies’ culture and values.


Tomas Sedlacek is an acclaimed Czech economist. Described by The Yale Economic Review as one of the five most influential minds in his field. Tomas is at the forefront of attempts to redefine how economics is viewed as a subject both academically and in its implementation.

Appointed as an economic advisor to former President Václav Havel whilst still at university, Tomas is the Chief Macroeconomic Strategist at ČSOB (one of the Czech Republic’s largest banks) and a former member of the National Economic Council of the Czech Republic.

The fundamentals of Tomas’s theories are explained in his bestselling book The Economics of Good and Evil. In it he has argued against the traditional view of economics as a value-free mathematical process. He suggested that in order to fully understand economics and its place in the real work, it must be viewed as a cultural phenomenon and a product of a society intertwined with philosophy, religion, anthropology, and culture. In order to be of real value to the world, economics should not concern only abstract mathematical modelling, but also societies' values.

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