Thierry Malleret (Switzerland)

Thierry Malleret (Switzerland)

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Former Network Head, World Economic Forum

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After serving as Chief Economist at a Russian bank, and founding the WEF Global Risk Network, Thierry now produces the Monthly Barometer – focusing on predictive analysis for private investors. In Around the World in 40 Minutes, he looks at how economic, geopolitical, societal, environmental and technological risks conflate, and how investors and business leaders should respond. He predicts a wave of investment in clean technologies.


Thierry Malleret was Senior Partner, Head of Research and Networks at IJ Partners, where he provided tailor-made intelligence for the company’s wealth management clients. He now authors The Monthly Barometer, a succinct predictive analysis exclusively provided to private investors and some of today's most influential opinion and decision-makers. Previously he headed the Global Risk Network at the World Economic Forum at Davos, where he also devised the speaking and event programme.

Combining a global career in finance and academia, Thierry has worked as the Chief Economist and Strategist for the Russian investment bank Alpha Bank, has held positions at Oxford University and the Institute for East-West Security Studies in New York, and was an associate banker and economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London. He also served for three years as Chargé de Mission in French Prime Minister Michel Rocard's office.

Thierry’s research and speeches cover all areas of global economics, politics and society; anything that might impact on long and short-term investments and opportunities. His book Global Risk: Business Success in Turbulent Times analyses operating in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment and the various new kinds of risk organisations face from project risks, competitive risks, and currency risks to threats from climate change, civil unrest, terrorism, attacks on digital infrastructure or pandemics.

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