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Tom masterminds a group of 2,500 creatives, designers, analysts, stylists, DJs, gamers, trend scouts and cultural academics to keep on top of what’s coming. ‘Crowd intelligence’ suggests a number of emerging consumer tribes, including ThirtyFiveUps and Neo Boomers - the younger, more affluent and brand-aware 60-somethings. Tom assesses the bottom line threats, the battle of bricks-and-clicks, and how business can best anticipate market needs.


Tom Savigar is Trends Director of The Future Laboratory. He masterminds a group of 2,500 creatives, designers, analysts, stylists, DJs, gamers and academics to keep ahead of what’s new and what’s next. His work helps companies understand and meet consumer needs.

Tom characterises the key shift to have emerged in the recession as New Sobriety. Rather than the ‘ little and often’ approach that dominated recent years, the new motto across fashion, food and home is ‘fewer and better.’ It represents a move away from the infatuation with newness and reinvention towards a more sober and sensible aesthetic.

In a different vein, Tom explores changes in the world of online. Social networks, bloggers, collaborative branding and the referral culture are all making the internet increasingly female. Meanwhile, right brain attitudes are becoming more prevalent in the tools, technologies and search engine techniques that we use to navigate the web.

Tom’s presentations offer practical insights into diverse markets - from the ethical to the ‘no frills’ sector. He considers the whole customer experience and how new technology will enable ever greater interaction.

Away from corporate assignments, Tom maintains his interest in fashion, textiles and design, working with students to sharpen their sense of the market. He also finds time to develop his own fledgling designer menswear label.

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