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Tom Daley OBE

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British Diving Sensation

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Tom Daley is an Olympic diver who won gold for Team GB alongside Matty Lee at the 2021 Tokyo Games, marking his fourth and highest-achieving Olympic medal to date. As well as a champion in his sport, Tom is a proud spokesperson for the LGBTQ+ community.


An Olympic diver and double world champion, Tom Daley is one of Britain’s most celebrated names in sport. Since winning his first international gold medal at just thirteen years-old, Tom has gone on to become the first British diver to win four Olympic medals for Team GB, including gold in the men's synchronised ten metre platform at the Tokyo Olympics with his diving partner Matty Lee.

Shortly after becoming the youngest person to win gold at the European Championships, he also took part in the Beijing Olympics as Great Britain’s second youngest male Olympian. Although it wasn’t until his forth games that he laid his hands on a gold medal, over the years he has amassed a combined total of eleven World, Commonwealth and European Championship gold medals, establishing himself as one of the best in his sport worldwide. He has also won several Olympic bronze medals, including in the ten metre platform at London 2012, the ten metre synchronised dive alongside Dan Goodfellow at the Rio Games in 2016 and in the ten metre individual event in Tokyo. 

Tom shares tips as an elite athlete, describing how to adapt, face adversity and find your motivation. He also discusses handling pressure and the importance of keeping things within perspective. On a more personal level, he opens up about his journey with grief after his father (and biggest fan) Robert passed away and how it marked a defining moment in his life and his career. As a husband, father and LGBTQ+ spokesperson, he also advocates for a more inclusive and more accepting environment, both within and outside of sport. 

Aside from his sporting achievements, Tom has hosted the TV show Splash!, made a cameo appearance in Sharknado 5, and started his own knitting label, Made With Love, which launched with a fifteen piece knitting kit collection. The brand’s designs have been celebrated by everyone from Vogue Italia to Elle Japan, and kickstarted the trend known as the "Tom Daley effect' which spurred men to take up knitting amid home crafting. 

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