Steve Barnett: The Silent Conductor (South Africa)

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Motivational Non-Speaker

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Teams flourish when they are in rhythm. Described as the world’s first motivational non-speaker, Steve uses only facial expressions and a conductor’s baton to turn conference audiences of 30 to 3,000 into a functioning orchestra. Equipped with colour-coded musical tubes, delegates experience the power of working in harmony and the simplicity of good communication.


Steve Barnett describes himself a motivational ‘non-speaker.’ Using simple African percussion he shows how to build true teamwork. The session combines the laughter and celebration of making music with the joy of communicating together on the most fundamental level.

Each member of the audience is given a colour-coded musical tube to play on cue. As facilitator, Steve establishes a rhythm and shows delegates how to produce their own contribution. In three stages, the atmosphere shifts from what he calls ‘aloneness’ to ‘togetherness,’ then ‘wholeness.’

At the beginning, individuals seek out the beat of the group. After instruction and practice, each finds the group rhythm. Music starts to emerge and the rhythm evolves to the point where individuals are no longer discernible. By the end the music seems to develop a life of its own, with the whole now far greater than the sum of its parts.

Group drumming engenders creativity and cooperation in a supportive environment. Delegates not only learn more about themselves, but also about their colleagues and the different roles they play. It is a dramatic illustration of what can be achieved by working together in a positive way and how change can be engendered as long as the goal is understood.

Steve Barnett is based in South Africa and performs all over the world. He is a hugely entertaining motivator, cutting across organisational hierarchy, language and cultural barriers. The session works equally with small groups as, at the Cricket World Cup, with a crowd of 25,000.

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