Steve  Barnett: The Silent Conductor (South Africa)

Steve Barnett: The Silent Conductor (South Africa)

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Motivational Non-Speaker

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For nearly thirty years Steve has been engaging and animating audiences through musical interaction, without speaking, and creating unique orchestras. The players are not musicians, there are no rehearsals, and every performance is a one off. He has conducted these ensembles in over fifty countries with organisations from many cultures and languages. The music they create amazes and inspires. Steve says nothing but the experience speaks volumes.


The Silent Conductor Steve Barnett is regarded as one of the world’s more unique and inspirational presenters. Born and raised in South Africa and infused with the country’s rhythms, after leaving university he spent some time teaching Maths and English in a rural village school in Lesotho (a Southern African mountain kingdom) and developed a teaching approach using rhythm, music, and dance. Years later, after decades of adventurous life experience, Steve was inspired to pioneer a corporate drumming concept for interactive team building that has spread globally.

Using music as a metaphor for effective business and community cooperation he branded himself as The Motivational Non-Speaker and was inducted into The Southern African Professional Speakers Hall of Fame.

Among other ventures, Steve was a Creative Director of the Cricket World Cup Opening Ceremony in Cape Town and has ‘not spoken’ at venues such as London’s Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Stadium. He has also ‘not spoken’ on the same stages as Presidents Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton, and Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Steve has appeared at conferences in over fifty countries on six continents and is equally comfortable ‘not speaking’ at venues from bush lodges to boardrooms, with audiences from cabinetmakers to cabinet ministers.

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