Stephanie Flanders

Stephanie Flanders

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Senior Executive Editor, Bloomberg

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The former US Treasury advisor, Newsnight reporter and BBC Economics Editor has cycled around Britain to get a close look at the economy. She assesses the quality of the economic recovery, the impact of central bank and government policy, and issues of growth and productivity.


Stephanie Flanders graduated from Newsnight to become Economics Editor for all BBC output, at a time of considerable upheaval, covering all aspects of the financial crisis and beyond. She has since joined Bloomberg as their Senior Executive Editor as well as heading up the new Bloomberg Economics division. In between the two high profile media roles she served as Chief Market Strategist at JP Morgan.

Stephanie originally worked at London Business School and the Institute for Fiscal Studies. She then became a leader writer and economics columnist with the Financial Times, before heading off to America. As a speechwriter and a senior advisor to the US Treasury, she was closely involved at the centre of the world’s biggest economy. She also reported for the New York Times and edited the UN's Human Development Report.

Combining first hand insight and experience, Stephanie has become one of the most respected and influential economic commentators in the country. As well as in-depth knowledge of markets, fiscal matters and policy she has an ability to explain complex issues with clarity to audiences of any level of understanding.

Alongside her regular news appearances Stephanie wrote and presented Masters of Money, a series looking at the most influential economists of the last 150 years. Away from her economic charts, she also made a special for BBC’s Archive Hour about her father - the celebrated musical comedian Michael Flanders.

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