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Sky News, Sophy Ridge on Sunday

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One of Sky News’s highest profile reporters, Sophy was the channel’s Political Correspondent before going up against Andrew Marr and Robert Peston in the Sunday morning political review slot.


As Political Correspondent at Sky News, Sophy Ridge spent her time reporting and interviewing in Westminster and Whitehall. She now fronts her own Sunday morning political show on the news channel, Sophy Ridge on Sunday.

Sophy worked on Consumer Affairs and then Politics at the News of the World before moving to Sky. While at the NOTW, her exclusive stories included a sting on the MEP Tom Wise, leading to a jail sentence, and an expose on Lib Dem CEO Chris Rennard.

Sophy has since won a number of awards for her coverage of the annual Party Conferences, for her use of social media and for her political blog. She also launched the popular Waste Watch blog, set up to track Government spending. She has covered UK and US elections, Prime Ministerial visits around the world, and political events and opinions across the country.

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