Simon Weston CBE

Simon Weston CBE

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Falklands War Hero

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As a Welsh Guardsman, Simon was waiting aboard HMS Sir Galahad when it was bombed by Argentine planes off the Falklands. After a series of operations he rebuilt his life with enormous courage, setting up The Weston Spirit to help community projects across the UK. A humble, funny and truly inspiring speaker, Simon shows how a positive attitude enables any of us to cope with a dramatic change in circumstances and turn adversity into opportunity.


In 1982 Simon Weston was aboard HMS Sir Galahad with his regiment of Welsh Guards when it was bombed by Argentinian planes. The horrific burns he suffered required a series of operations that continue to this day. Despite his injuries and the physical and mental suffering, Simon’s life is an example of great personal triumph and courage.

After the Falklands campaign Simon co-founded The Weston Spirit, dedicated to helping young people play an active role in their own communities. Until it ceased in 2008, he spent much of his time fundraising - enabling the charity to set up regional projects in Liverpool, Cardiff and Newcastle.

Simon's presentations both humble and inspire conference audiences. He shows the power of a positive mental attitude when you experience a change of circumstances: accept the position in which you find yourself, turn adversity into opportunity and remain focused on the goal.

Simon Weston has been the subject of several documentaries. The success of his two books, Walking Tall and Going Back, further demonstrates the public’s genuine and enduring respect for a true role model.

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