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Former Model, Presenter, My Beautiful Friends

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Katie was enjoying a flourishing career as a model when a vicious attacker threw sulphuric acid in her face. Thinking her life was all but over, she began a two-year rehabilitation period – having to put on a pressurised mask for 23 hours every day. After more than 70 operations and countless therapies, she still faces challenges but she is rebuilding her life. Katie talks about survival techniques, knowing her limits and asking for support when needed.


Katie Piper is a former model turned TV presenter and founder of the Katie Piper Foundation, a charity helping those afflicted by severe burns and scars. Katie’s own modelling and media career was horrifically cut short when a former boyfriend and another man threw acid in her face.

Working in promotional and fashion modelling and with some early TV and website hosting work, Katie’s career as a model and presenter seemed to be headed in a positive direction until her partner physically attacked and threatened her. She ended the relationship but shortly afterwards the man hired an accomplice to throw sulphuric acid in her face. The two men later received life sentences in prison.

The attack left Katie with severe burns and, due to swallowing some of the acid, blindness in one eye. A long and painful recovery followed including groundbreaking surgical techniques, over 30 operations in the UK and France, and months of rehabilitation. Over the following years Katie’s face has been reconstructed to an incredible degree.

Katie tells her story of physical and emotional recovery from her appalling experiences. She movingly talks about the support she received, her own personal determination, and the work of health and charity professionals. Her story and those of others affected by scars and burns has been told on the Channel 4’s Katie: My Beautiful Face and My Beautiful Friends (which Katie presented). She has also delivered the channel’s Alternative Christmas Message and has appeared on a number of factual programmes in the UK and US.

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