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Former Chief Financial Correspondent, CNBC Europe

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With three decades experience of European business journalism, Silvia Wadhwa has covered everything from German reunification to the introduction of the Euro and the financial crisis.


Former Chief Financial Correspondent for CNBC, Silvia Wadhwa has covered events in one of the most tulmutuous periods in European business and economic history from the introduction of the Euro to the financial crisis and beyond.

German-born Silvia started her journalistic career covering Bonn and Frankfurt for Reuters with a particular remit to report on commerce and economics. She then moved on to the German business daily newspaper Handelsblatt before becoming a correspondent at the European Business Channel and then serving as Chief German Correspondent for Bloomberg. In the eventful early days of reunification, Silvia was charged with building up Bloomberg’s operation in the country preparing it for the new media and international landscape. She then returned to Reuters, this time their TV operation, and then moved on to European Business News and then spending over a decade at CNBC Europe.

In her extensive career Silvia has reported on the German and European markets and the day to day activity of take-overs, prices, fiscal policy and interest rates, interviewing key players in business and policy. She was also CNBC’s European Central Bank correspondent during the Euro crisis, daily reporting on the central bank’s attempts to maintain stability in the post-crash world. Silvia also authored the €urocentric blog for the broadcaster.

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