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Shola Kaye

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Communication and Empathy Speaker

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Shola is an award-winning speaker who specialises in diversity and inclusion, empathy, communication, and leadership. She is a bestselling author and has written for several publications including Marie Claire and Harper's Bazaar.


Shola Kaye helps global organisations prepare for the future of work using communication, inclusive leadership, diversity, inclusion, and empathy in the workplace. Her team developed The Inclusion Launchpad, and The E.Q. Accelerator programs to help support lasting change. Shola shares case studies and insights she has gained from working with international corporations across a wide range of industries.

She is the author of How to be a DIVA at Public Speaking, a step-by-step system on how to engage audiences and present with confidence. In Big Talk, Small Talk (and Everything in Between), Shola gives practical tips to help get the most out of each strategy and learn how to make engaging small talk and incisive big talk.

Shola’s experiences as a black woman working for global corporations has given her an understanding of some of the challenges faced by companies as they look to create environments of empathy and belonging, and support ever-more diverse, often remote, teams. Her work allows organisations to increase innovation, bolster belonging and develop engaging, productive environments.

In her keynote Delivering Feedback with Empathy, Sholas talks about how the way feedback is delivered is crucial, and has the power to make or break careers, as well as relationships. She also works with teams that need to find ways to reduce bias and reach across cultural differences, to create an atmosphere of collaboration, inclusion, and high performance.


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Book written by Shola Kaye
Book written by Shola Kaye