Professor Scott Galloway (US)

Professor Scott Galloway (US)

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NYU Clinical Professor of Marketing & Author of The Four

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An expert in brand and marketing, Scott is also a vital commentator on the tech industry and the part it plays in our lives. In his book The Four he examines how the biggest tech companies in the world have focused on basic human needs and, by design and by accident, exploited them for huge commercial gain. He considers the important lessons from the evolution of these companies, what new and competing businesses need to know about operating alongside them, and whether they in turn stand to be disrupted by unpredictable forces from new startups to regulation and policy.


New York University Clinical Professor of Marketing Scott Galloway is an author, expert in brand strategy and serial entrepreneur. He has founded several companies including a marketing consultancy and an e-commerce firm. He co-hosts Pivot, a weekly podcast examining key issues in the tech sector, and was listed as one of the World Economic Forum’s Global Leaders of Tomorrow.

His first book, The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google takes a look at the success of the most influential companies of modern times and how each one focused on and then exploited inherent consumer needs. Facebook taps into our need for connection; Google feeds our need for knowledge; Amazon satisfies our materialistic inclinations by giving us more for less; and Apple caters to our desire for power, by branding itself as the strongest ‘gene’ in tech. His second book, The Algebra of Happiness: Notes on the Pursuit of Success, Love, and Meaning examines life’s biggest questions and the pursuit of the American Dream. He looks at the myth of work-life balance amongst high-achievers, the relationship between socioeconomics, personality and prosperity, and the common traits of Fortune 500 CEOs.

In speeches, Scott shares his insights on retail, branding, how consumers make choices and how trends gain momentum. He also discusses the success of the big four; how they tapped into basic human needs, how they manipulated demand, and how they came to control the market. Scott examines what lessons we can learn from them and how new businesses can use their strategies to their own advantage. Furthermore, he considers the future of the tech giants and how likely it is that new businesses will disrupt them, given the speed of change within the tech industry. He examines the possible regulation of multinational corporations and how the debate around data and privacy will affect them.

Scott has served on the board of directors of The New York Times, Gateway Inc, Urban Outfitters and Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. He is a former Contributing Editor to Bloomberg TV and is a regular contributor to the business media in the US.

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Book written by Professor Scott Galloway (US)
Book written by Professor Scott Galloway (US)