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With data on the critical trends expected over the next fifty years, Rohit helps organisations develop strategies that allow them to benefit from change. The author of Designing Your Future explains how we can identify shifts, exploit breakthroughs and create future- focused leaders. He believes that companies must create an innovation-oriented culture where one can think the unthinkable, say the unsayable and challenge the most sacred of cows.


Rohit is an award winning futurist speaker, entrepreneur, specialist advisor and strategic change agent and founder of the research consultancy Fast Future. Profiled as one the top ten global future thinkers by the Independent newspaper, his controversial and inspiring keynote speeches enable teams to think differently, act fast and be first to the future. Rohit has spoken about the future and winning in a downturn to leaders in business and government in over 35 countries on five continents.

In ‘Winning in a Downturn - How to Survive and Thrive in Turbulent Times’ Rohit draws on a major ongoing research programme to offer a clear and pragmatic analysis of the current economic downturn, robust scenarios for how the situation could play out and then provides practical and inspiring ideas and insights on how to respond.

Rohit has conducted major studies on the Future of China, India, the Middle East, the World in 2015, the World in 2030 and the future of travel, tourism, meetings and events. He previously led the largest Horizon Scanning and Futures Programme in Europe for the UK Government and leading a study on global trends over the next fifty years. He also facilitated the consultation for the UK MoD's major study on Strategic Trends 2030. Rohit 's latest book Designing Your Future was published in August 2008 and he is also the author of Achieving Transformation and Renewal in Financial Services, and has appeared on BBC TV, Radio 4, CNBC and TV channels around the world to talk about future trends.

Rohit uses in-depth research, practical experience and powerful imagery to help people understand, act on and benefit from the complex trends, forces for change and uncertainties that are shaping our world.

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Conference speaker Rohit Talwar on Demographics


Book written by Rohit Talwar
Book written by Rohit Talwar