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ITV Political Editor

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Robert Peston is ITV's Political Editor, as well as the presenter of the channel's flagship politics show Peston, where he covers the latest developments in Westminster and beyond. He's also co-host of the podcast The Rest is Money alongside Steph McGovern, where they explore stories from the world of business and finance. He has won a number of awards for his work - including Journalist of the Year, Specialist Journalist of the Year and Scoop of the Year (twice) from the Royal Television Society.



Robert Peston is ITV’s Political Editor and host of their flagship politics and current affairs show, Peston. He covers the latest happenings in Westminster and interviews important players on the national and international political scenes. In addition to this he co-hosts the podcast The Rest Is Money with Steph McGovern where they explore what we need to know about the issues that affect us in our everyday lives, decode business jargon, and revisit some of the biggest financial events of the last half century.

Prior to his high-profile move to ITV Robert was the BBC’s Economics Editor, revealing the stories behind the statistics and explaining the implications of domestic, European, and global economic shifts. Before that, as Business Editor, he broadcast and published a series of exclusive and influential stories about the global financial situation. He revealed the crises at Northern Rock and RBS, the emergency rescue of HBOS, and the tumult around the credit crunch, bailouts, and austerity.

Before joining the BBC, Robert was City and Assistant Editor of the Sunday Telegraph, in charge of the business and money sections, and the FT's Financial Editor. At the FT, he was a member of the editorial board and earlier he served as its Political Editor, Banking Editor, and founder of the investigation’s unit.

Away from the cameras Robert has also won plaudits for his online journalism. He is the author of critically acclaimed books including How Do We Fix This Mess? and Who Runs Britain?. Both examine the causes and long-term implications of the 2008 financial crisis. Whilst WTF?, described by the Financial Times as “mandatory reading”, takes a broader look at the world, what’s gone wrong, and proposes possible solutions across politics, society and business. In Brown's Britain Robert explained for the first time the real nature of the relationship between Blair and Brown. His novel The Whistleblower was described by the Daily Mail as “cracking” and “Gripping” by Radio Times.

Amongst over thirty journalism awards Robert has to his name, he has won the Royal Television Society's Journalist of the Year, Specialist Journalist of the Year, and Scoop of the Year (twice), the Wincott Prize for financial journalism, and the Broadcasting Press Guild's award for Best Performer in a non-acting role.

Robert has written and presented several documentaries and factual series, notably four films about China's boom and possible bust, two on the EU referendum, three films on the financial crisis, and the popular series Robert Peston Goes Shopping. Away from journalism Robert is also the founder of the education charity Speakers for Schools, and the Vice President of Hospice UK.

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After switching from a business to a political brief just as the two have become closely intertwined, Robert is very well placed to consider what might happen next. He has inside knowledge of the pressure points, personalities and potential consequences in both camps – but he’s quick to admit the danger of making predictions. He guides you through the soap opera with gusto and a surprising amount of humour. JLA Agent Dennis Perry

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Book written by Robert Peston
Book written by Robert Peston
Book written by Robert Peston