Richard Noble OBE

Richard Noble OBE

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Project Director, BloodhoundSSC

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Land speed record boss Richard has been pushing the boundaries of innovation and engineering for over three decades. He held the land speed record himself for over ten years and now leads the search for the first supersonic land vehicle with lessons in teamwork, personal and group motivation, achievement and focus.


Richard Noble held the land speed record for over ten years with the Thrust2. He then led the team developing the first ever supersonic land speed car, the 100,000 HP ThrustSSC - effectively retaining his own world record. He is now the project director of the BloodhoundSSC, an attempt to break the 1,000mph barrier.

Working with aircraft engine manufacturers, Richard conceived, planned and drove the original 30,000 HP Trust2 in which he first achieved the World Land Speed record for Britain. He received numerous awards including the RAC Diamond Jubilee Trophy, the FISA World Land Speed Trophy, the Guinness Hall of Fame Medal, the Sir Henry Royce Medal and an OBE.

An entrepreneur and pilot, Richard has worked on businesses and projects on land, sea and air but all marked by his personal drive, determination, and ethos that risk should be embraced, not avoided. He is an inspiring speaker. His emphasis is on leadership, teamwork and motivation - working against established, ingrained methods and assumptions. He believes that high risk yields high rewards, in business as in life, but risk that can be calculated, not recklessness.

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Book written by Richard Noble OBE
Book written by Richard Noble OBE