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ITV News Anchor

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Rageh became a household name as BBC Baghdad Correspondent, dubbed the Scud Stud. He has since written Revolution Day and covered events as they unfold in the Middle East for the Arabic Al Jazeera network and ITV. He believes the movements that surfaced in Tunis and Cairo were only the start of a huge shift in which the West has a vital interest: “We shouldn’t give an impression of fearing this change. We should be a midwife to it.”


Rageh Omaar became a household name as BBC Baghdad Correspondent, reporting on the invasion of Iraq as he saw events unfold. The EMMA award-winning journalist then fronted the daily Witness segment and the investigative documentary strand, The Rageh Omaar Report for Al Jazeera International.

During the early stages of the Iraq conflict, Rageh’s broadcasts were also syndicated across the US where he was quickly dubbed the ‘Scud Stud.’ His account of the invasion, Revolution Day, fills the gap between the reality for those who were directly affected and the political process reported by the media.

Rageh began his career at The Voice before freelancing in foreign affairs. He went on to produce and report for Focus on Africa and Newshour before becoming the BBC’s Developing World Correspondent. He has since published Only Half of Me: Being a Muslim in Britain.

In his presentations, Rageh explores how the world is changing in the wake of the Arab Spring. He explores developments sweeping throughout the Middle East and North Africa, and the consequences for the West.

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