Rachel Bridge

Rachel Bridge

Business Writer & SME Specialist


The Sunday Times’ Enterprise Editor has spent time with entrepreneurs of all shades, including many of the world’s most successful. Rachel takes the lessons they’ve learned, myths dispelled and mistakes made, and weaves an entertaining look at how (in theory) anyone can make a million by lunchtime.


As Enterprise Editor of The Sunday Times Rachel Bridge interviewed hundreds of successful entrepreneurs for her How I Made It column. She was also responsible for the Small Business and Startup pages, which highlight pressing issues for SMEs.

Rachel started out at the Investors Chronicle and the London Evening Standard as a business reporter. Moving to The Times she became Australia and France correspondent, before moving back to business for the Mail on Sunday, The Sunday Times and more recently The Telegraph.

Rachel is a seasoned performer. She turned one of her books, How To Make a Million Before Lunch, into a one-woman show at the Edinburgh Fringe. The audience were taken on a whistle-stop tour of what the world’s most successful people were doing between 5am and 1pm.

Keynotes focus on the pitfalls, mistakes, challenges and lessons experienced by entrepreneurs. Audiences include existing and aspiring businesspeople, those who need to understand small businesses and those seeking to foster ‘intrapreneurship’ within large organisations.

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