Pia Heidenmark Cook (Sweden)

Pia Heidenmark Cook (Sweden)

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Former Chief Sustainability Officer at IKEA

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Pia was named top ten female leaders in sustainability and top five influencers on climate change agenda by the Climate Group. She held the position as Chief Sustainability Officer at IKEA and is a keynote speaker on sustainability and business transformation.


Pia Heidenmark Cook is a Senior Advisor with Teneo, working with the ESG and Sustainability team to advise clients on how to develop and operationalise sustainability strategies and the implications for reputation strategies. She was named top ten female leaders in sustainability by WBCSD, top twenty voices in Sustainability by CEO Magazine, and top five influencers on climate change agenda by the Climate Group, as well as top one hundred climate influencers on Twitter.

Pia was previously the Chief Sustainability Officer for IKEA, where she led the development and implementation of the IKEA People and Planet Positive strategy. Her cross-functional team worked closely with the business on developing circular business models (including take back offers, leasing and second hand), launching new sustainable offers (such as selling solar panels across fourteen markets) and helping customers to live more sustainable and healthier lives. During this time, IKEA ranked in the top three most sustainable brands and managed to decouple carbon dioxide emissions from its commercial growth across the value chain.

Pia has worked with sustainability in the corporate sector for over twenty-five years and, since leaving IKEA, combines senior advisory with board non-executive roles including Bupa, MAX Burgers, and Origin Materials.

She is also a frequent keynote speaker/lecturer on sustainability and business transformation and has spoken for the likes of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership.

Pia holds a Technical Licentiate degree and a M.Sc. in Environmental Management, from the University of Lund, Sweden, and a M.Sc. in International Business Administration and Economics from Uppsala University, Sweden. She has worked with, lectured, and studied CSR/sustainability related topics across academia, consultancy, and business. 

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