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The Original Stig

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Top Gear’s original Stig, Perry was once dubbed the world’s unluckiest driver. Some say he’s ‘a comedian locked inside a racing driver’s body.’ Perry certainly fought tooth and nail to survive chronic lack of sponsorship, an uncompetitive machine and the odd shunt.


Perry is seen by many as part of motor racing folklore. Against all the odds in a sport dominated by money, he rose through the ranks along with close friends Damon Hill and Mark Blundell; but it didn’t quite work out. In Perry’s own words, “I started with nothing and then lost it all!”

Perry’s 10-year fight to join the sport’s elite appeared to be paying off when he was picked to drive for the fledgling Andrea Moda Formula One organisation. The dream became a farce as the team stumbled from one disaster to the next. Perry turned his attention to Le Mans with Audi UK, but without success.

His bubbly personality and refusal to concede defeat made Perry popular with the press. The American Sunday Express described him as a ‘comedian locked inside a racing driver’s body’; The Times called him ‘the world’s unluckiest racing driver.’

Perry McCarthy puts his experiences to good use as an after dinner speaker, with a highly amusing insight to the world’s most glamorous sport. As the original black-suited Stig, he might also reveal what goes on underneath the make-up in Top Gear.

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