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Chief Data Scientist, MoneySuperMarket.com

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Orlando sees his mission as bringing data to life at the UK’s biggest price comparison website, both to drive revenue and improve the customer experience. Orlando describes how rapid advances in processing are enabling organisations to learn ever more about customer behaviour online. This feeds in to product development and targeted communications, but it also raises questions about security and the balance between convenience and intrusiveness.


Orlando Machado is Chief Data Scientist at MoneySuperMarket.com, the UK’s largest price comparison website. He is responsible for developing the business in a wide range of areas including customer insight and driving revenue from data.

Recruited as Head of Customer Science and charged with building the data science division of MoneySuperMarket, Orlando assembled a team of data experts, statisticians, insight analysts and CRM specialists. They now lead the comparison giant’s mission to put customers at the heart of all its decisions from targeted marketing to providing a tailored experience.

Orlando joined MoneySuperMarket from dunnhumby, the cutting edge customer insight company most famous for their work building the Tesco Clubcard system. Working in a number of areas of the business, he led developments that helped create personalised multichannel customer experiences and offered insights into non-grocery purchases.

Rapid changes in technology as well as processing resources means there is a huge amount of data available to organisations via customers’ phones and online activity. This offers great potential for companies seeking to learn about customer behaviour, inform the development of
new products, or personalise marketing communications. Equally there are threats, both in keeping the data secure, but also in using it in ways users feel are invasive or inappropriate. Orlando, who sees his mission as to ‘bring data to life’, explores all of the current and future possibilities with engaging examples and though-provoking ideas.

Prior to dunnhumby, Orlando led the UK analytics team for Wunderman, the world’s largest online communications agency. Before that he worked at the BBC forecasting future technology requirements, and he started his career in academia, including modelling demand for health services in the Midlands. He also holds a PhD in Statistics from the University of Warwick.

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