Nile Rodgers (US)

Nile Rodgers (US)

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Songwriter, Producer & Chic Co-Founder

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A Grammy-winning composer, producer, arranger and musician, Nile stretched the boundaries of music and pioneered a new musical genre. As well as forming Chic he’s produced some of the biggest global pop hits of all time working with artists from Bowie to Madonna to Daft Punk. He explores the lessons in creativity, collaboration and hard work from a lifetime of music.


Grammy-winning composer, producer, arranger and musician Nile Rodgers pioneered a whole musical genre with his band Chic, before becoming one of the most influential producers in pop. With over 200 production credits and four decades of hits to his name, he is considered one of the most important producers in the history of popular music. Working alongside artists including David Bowie, Madonna, Diana Ross, Duran Duran, Lady Gaga, and Daft Punk, Nile is the man behind classics such as Le Freak, Like a Virgin, Let’s Dance, and Good Times, to name a few.

Nile began his career working as a touring musician before co-founding Chic with bassist Bernard Edwards. Fusing multiple influences and sounds from jazz, soul and funk, Chic drove the emergence of disco, becoming one of the most popular bands in the new musical genre. Hits such as Good Times and Everybody Dance cemented their reputation for songs that were at once immediately catchy, and deceptively complex in their arrangement and production. An influence on diverse genres including rock, hip-hop, and the emergent electronic and dance scenes, Nile became a much in-demand producer. His first big project was Bowie’s bestselling Let’s Dance album, before being recruited by the likes of INXS, Madonna, and Duran Duran.

As well as producing and writing, Nile has continued to perform live throughout his five-decade long career, both solo, as a guest performer, and with a reformed Chic. He’s also written film and video game soundtracks, set up a record label, been appointed chairman of the Songwriters Hall of Fame and served as Chief Creative Advisor of Abbey Road Studios. Nile has worked on over 75 hit singles and on projects that have sold over 500 million albums.

With a wealth of anecdotes about the artists he’s worked with and the stories behind some of the best-known songs, Nile applies his passion for creativity to the business world. In his speeches, Nile discusses the importance of persistence and determination as a driving force for creativity. He also examines different structures of collaboration and teamwork, and argues that diversity is a key ingredient to its success. Nile peppers the lessons he’s learnt from his impressive career with performances of riffs and hooks from some of the most celebrated songs of all time.

Alongside his music career, Nile became the founder of the We Are Family Foundation, a non-profit organisation, which promotes the vision of a global family, supporting creative young people seeking to change the world. Alongside his autobiography, Nile and his music have been the subject of dozens of books, articles and documentaries, including the BBC’s Nile Rodgers: The Hitmaker, and Nile Rodgers: How To Make It in the Music Business.

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