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Neil Mullarkey

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Communication Expert

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Neil has appeared in Whose Line Is it Anyway, I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, QI and two Austin Powers movies. He founded the famous Comedy Store Players with his comedy partner Mike Myers. He also shares insights from improv and theatre with organisations across the world enhancing communication, creativity, and collaboration skills.


Neil Mullarkey is a communication expert. You may recognise him from his performances in Whose Line Is It Anyway and two Austin Powers movies. He still performs most Sundays with the Comedy Store Players, Europe's top improv troupe, which he co-founded with Mike Myers. But he also travels the world bringing the skills of theatre, and especially improv to clients.

His book, In The Moment: Build Your Confidence, Communication and Creativity at Work, is an engaging and illuminating guide to success. Mike Myers describes it as ‘a creative masterclass for every moment.' Neil is also the author of Seven Steps to Improve Your People Skills.

Neil is highly accomplished in the field of management training, having run many workshops and hosted conferences for private and public organisations. He uses the techniques of theatre improvisation to inspire business people to embrace their creativity and enhance their communication skills.


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Neil Mullarkey: Corporate Communication Training UK


Book written by Neil Mullarkey
Book written by Neil Mullarkey