Milimo Banji

Milimo Banji

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Gen Z expert 

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Award winning entrepreneur, leader and advisor Milimo is the founder and CEO of the Gen Z talent agency TapIn that supports some of the biggest employers in the UK to attract, engage and hire diverse youth talent. He serves as a board member and advisor to FTSE 100 companies, and has in depth of knowledge and insight into the minds of Gen Z.


Milimo Banji dropped out of university to dedicate his time to helping young people prepare for the working world. At twenty-five he launched his company TapIn, which has become the leading Gen Z employer branding agency specialising in creating social media campaigns to help employers attract, engage, and hire the best Gen Z talent.

As well as building communities across social media TapIn provides careers information to thousands of young people across the UK. The company make a positive impact on the lives of young people and have been described as “disrupters” of the early careers space. TapIn completed the 2023 #ThisIsBlackGenZ report, the largest set of research into the experiences of Black Gen Z.

Mentored by Richard Branson, Milimo specialises in creating content that is relatable, shareable and resonates with Gen Z. With a focus on employer brand content, he helps organisations understand the importance of attracting younger generations and diverse talent to improve positivity and productivity and has a wealth of expertise on social media, engaging diverse audiences, leadership and building inclusive teams.

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