Matt Ellison

Matt Ellison

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Transgender Campaigner, Advisor & Author

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Matt is an engaging and highly sought-after transgender speaker, who uses his own experiences to help inspire others. With his talks created to be accessible and relevant to any audience, Matt’s dynamic presentation style will leave guests with plenty to think about, guiding them to making the changes they need to live a happier and more fulfilling life.


Matt Ellison is a highly sought-after, entertaining, and thought-provoking transgender speaker. His insights, as someone who has made such a huge and fundamental change, apply to everyone in all areas of professional and personal life.

Matt appeared in the Channel 4 documentary Me and My Penis, which broke many taboos, covering sex, psychology, and men’s mental health issues.

He was co-chair of FTM London (FTM = Female-to-Male) for two years. Matt has also engaged with NHS England to help improve trans care and is knowledgeable on safe practices for trans people and the Gender Recognition Act.

While Matt’s personal experiences are at the core of his discourse, his work as a speaker isn’t just aimed at the LGBTQ audience. The magic lies in his ability to connect with and relate to anyone and everyone, from minority groups to those struggling to find their purpose, or anyone who simply wants to learn how to live a more fulfilling life.

Matt has something to offer all audiences, including healthcare professionals, businesses, educational institutions, emergency services, political and religious groups. He can delve deep into the mind of what it feels like to be transgender with a story full of highs, lows, and humour. Matt can also educate the audience around medical interventions, social aspects, safe practices for service providers and employers, as well the legal implications of the Gender Recognition Act.

Matt is a great believer in encouraging effective change. His speeches help to kick-start organisational initiatives and enable people to fully connect with the subject of diversity and inclusivity.

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