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Charlie Martin

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Racing Driver, Le Mans

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Charlie is blazing a trail in motorsport and aiming to make LGBTQ+ history as the first trans driver in the 24 hours of Le Mans. She captured the imagination of people around the world, and her story has been shared on television in the national news and in some prestigious international publications. Her fearlessness both in and out of the car makes Charlie one of the most eye catching and engaging drivers competing in motor racing today.


Charlie Martin represents a significant shift in perceptions of a sport often seen as lacking diversity and progressive attitudes. Her story has become headline news and shared around the world. She is working towards becoming the first trans woman to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans race, which Guinness World Records have confirmed they will classify this as a World Record due to the cultural significance of such an achievement.

As a trans woman in motorsport, Charlie occupies a unique role in her sport and within the LGBTQ+ community. Her fearlessness both in and out of the car make her one of the most eye catching and engaging drivers competing in international motor racing today. Her tenacity and self-belief have helped Charlie to overcome the impossible and push for change when the odds were stacked against her. In a sport lacking visible diversity, she stands out.

Charlie is changing perceptions and championing inclusivity. She has demonstrated fearlessness both in and out of the car. As a racer she has competed in the British Ginetta GT5 Challenge and the German NLS series. She finished third in her first endurance race at Le Mans (Bugatti Circuit), and fourth in her debut race in the Michelin Le Mans Cup. During the Covid-19 affected season she was a guest racer in the Formula E 'Race at Home Challenge'. She also led a campaign for British GT drivers to carry rainbow stickers on their cars to promote Pride month.

Charlie’s brand of positivity and seizing the day has helped her build a highly engaged following across her social channels. Whether she’s trail running up mountains, abseiling down them to free ride through powder on her snowboard, heading off on surfing road trips, or sharing her thoughts on life and the ideals she stands for.

Blazing a trail and breaking new ground in motorsport has meant being constantly in the media spotlight. Since coming out Charlie has been using her platform to improve transgender awareness and acceptance in the World and is frequently interviewed on national news as a trusted voice for the community on inclusion within sport. She was named as the first Stonewall Sports Champion by Europe’s leading LGBTQ+ charity, and works as a patron for Mermaids, and an ambassador for Athlete Ally and Racing Pride.

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