Mary Robinson (US)

Mary Robinson (US)

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Ethical Globalisation, Justice, Equity & Climate Change

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As Irish President, Mary Robinson helped her country develop a new sense of economic and political self-confidence. Whilst as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights she sought to create a partnership between developed and developing countries. She also founded Realising Rights: the Ethical Globalisation Initiative, aiming to put human rights standards at the heart of global governance and policy-making. She continues to work tirelessly on issues of social justice and equality, and is particularly involved in how climate change is affecting the world’s poorest.


Mary Robinson became United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights at a time of considerable change. She was the first in that role to visit China, where she signed an agreement on a programme of cooperation.

As head of the US-based Realizing Rights: The Ethical Globalisation Initiative, Robinson remains actively concerned with human rights. Their goal is to encourage accountability and improved governance in the effort to address the major global challenges, from national policies on migration to a more equitable approach to international trade.

Mary Robinson originally made her mark as President of Ireland, helping develop a sense of economic and political self-confidence. Placing her emphasis on the needs of developing countries, her presentation links the story of the Irish Famine to nutrition, poverty and policy issues elsewhere in the world today.

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