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Business Editor, The Spectator

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Martin began his career as an investment banker in London, Brussels and the Far East. He’s now tackling business at The Spectator, hailed by Boris Johnson as ‘The most oracular and entertaining commentator in town.’ Instead of a technical take on the state of the economy, Martin’s speeches mix global risk horizons with entertaining anecdotes and a financial morality tale.


Martin Vander Weyer is Business Editor of The Spectator, the world’s oldest weekly current affairs magazine. He is also a regular contributor to the Daily Telegraph, Literary Review and other national publications.

Before turning his hand to journalism, Martin spent 15 years as an investment banker in London, Brussels and the Far East - including a spell in Malaysia privatising an airline.

A highly experienced commentator rather than a technical economist, Martin agrees that a shift of resources from the bloated public sector to a more responsive private sector should bear fruit. But he also believes there are many in the City who should examine their consciences.

Martin is a Trustee of Opera North, and has written and performed in several plays. Amongst other titles he is also the author of Falling Eagle: the decline of Barclays Bank, Fortune’s Spear, and a collection of columns and articles, Any Other Business: Life in and Out of the City.

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