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Mathematician, Broadcaster & Author

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Marcus is the author of The Music of the Primes, the bestselling maths book, and The Creativity Code, and examination of AI in art and whether technology could replicate human art and music. On television he’s hosted The Code and programmes examining the history of maths, the wonder of symmetry, and the intersection between literature, art and music and the structures of mathematics.


Marcus du Sautoy is a mathematician, broadcaster and bestselling author. From the landmark BBC series The Code and comedy maths show The School of Hard Sums with Dara O Briain to his books The Music of the Primes and The Number Mysteries, he reveals the everyday importance of maths and makes what might superficially appear dull and arcane both fascinating and relevant.

The Simonyi Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University, Marcus is a natural communicator with a rare talent for making complex ideas understandable. Enthusiastic and engaging, he is especially passionate when it comes to popularising maths - showing how it affects every aspect of our lives and has done for centuries. He has covered the maths of the internet, forecasting, engineering and art, and has examined the patterns and codes that underpin everything. Amongst his books are How to Count to Infinity and What We Cannot Know, whilst The Creativity Code examines the potential for AI in the creative sphere. Marcus explores whether technology will be able to crack the human code and learn consciousness, in order to replicate art and music.

Marcus is the former Sexy Science column writer for The Times, a regular contributor to The Guardian and Telegraph, and frequently appears as a guest on Radio 4’s In Our Time. On TV he has looked at AI and algorithms, the history of maths and measurement, the wonders of symmetry, insoluble problems and the intersection between literature, art and music and the structures of mathematics. Marcus has also won the Royal Society’s Faraday Prize, an award for excellence in communicating science.

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It's a wonderful thing when a seemingly dry subject is brought to life. As soon as he comes onstage Marcus grabs you, throwing out maths problems and then explaining where we’ve all gone wrong! It’s not new to say that maths is integral to everything, but Marcus goes way beyond platitudes and really gets down to the nitty gritty. Where was he when I needed him at school?!? JLA Agent Ella O'Kane

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