José Manuel Campa (Spain)

José Manuel Campa (Spain)

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Former Spanish Deputy Finance Minister

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Campa was seconded by Zapatero at the height of the crisis to help steer the Spanish economy through the storm. He’d previously acted as consultant to the IMF, World Bank and European Commission. Having returned to his academic role, the strategy professor believes the Eurozone’s fourth largest economy has taken the right steps to shrink its deficit. In speeches he explores growth strategy and why it wouldn’t be economically sensible for a country to exit the Euro.


José Manuel Campa served as Spanish Secretary of State for Economy at one of the most turbulent times in the country’s recent history. Previous to that he was Professor of Financial Management and International Economics at the University of Navarra-IESE.

José Manuel was appointed Secretary of State for Economy at the height of the banking and eurozone crises in an attempt to steer the country’s economy through a potentially make-or-break period.

In addition to his work for the Spanish government, José Manuel has served as professor of strategy and run financial management courses in institutions including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citibank, ABN Amro and Banesto. He has been a consultant to the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the European Commission. He has held academic posts at Harvard, Columbia, and Stern School of Business and worked at the Spanish Court of Arbitration, and at international courts of arbitration in Paris, Geneva, New York and the Netherlands.

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