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Jonathan Fenby CBE

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China Director, Trusted Sources

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The former Editor of the South China Morning Post and the updated Penguin History of Modern China is also the author of Tiger Head, Snake Tails. By day he provides analytical intelligence on the region for the financial sector. Against a backdrop of growing consumerism and change, Jonathan throws light on the real China. He makes sense of signals on market liberalisation and state control from the first leader in years not to be a protegé of Deng Xiaoping.


Jonathan Fenby is the China Director of the research service Trusted Sources, and the former Editor of the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s leading English-language newspaper. He is one of the UK’s leading experts on all aspects of China and Chinese affairs.

Jonathan describes the real fabric of China. Against a backdrop of increasing wealth, freedom and even accountability, power remains closely guarded by the centre and the regional administrations. External relations show pressure on the relationship with Japan and Taiwan.

For those doing business with China, Jonathan explains how the banking, legal and property systems differ wildly from those with which we are familiar in the West.

Jonathan began his career as European Correspondent at the Economist, before becoming Editor of the Observer. From there he moved to Hong Kong, where aside from traditional publishing he co-founded the news website He edited
The Penguin History of Modern China (named book of the year by the FT and The Economist) and wrote the acclaimed Tiger Head, Snake Tails: China Today, a best-selling guide to the country and its place in the world.

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Conference Speaker JOnathan Fenby on the Future of China


Book written by Jonathan Fenby CBE
Book written by Jonathan Fenby CBE
Book written by Jonathan Fenby CBE