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David Smith

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Economics Editor, The Sunday Times

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Alongside Sunday Times responsibilities and columns in Professional Investor and Industrial Review, David is a prolific book-writer. In speeches David likens low oil prices to a major tax cut, and distinguishes between good (UK) and possibly bad (Eurozone) deflation. He might also reveal the latest findings of his own Skip Index, a reliable indicator of the state of the domestic economy.


David Smith is Economics Editor of The Sunday Times, as well as the paper’s Assistant Editor and Policy Advisor, and a regular contributor to CBI’s Business Voice. Amongst the first to predict a V-shaped recovery in the aftermath of the financial crisis, he was careful to say that it would take time to become discernible.

A widely respected economics commentator, David is the author of several books, including
From Boom to Bust, Will Europe Work?, The Age of Instability, and The Dragon and the Elephant: China, India and the New World Order. His most recent work, Free Lunch, is a guide to economics for the lay-person now that it seems essential we all understand the subject.

Before moving to the nation’s most widely read Sunday broadsheet, David worked for The Times and Financial Weekly - as well as the Henley Centre for Forecasting and Lloyds Bank. He has won a number of prizes, including the Harold Wincott Award for Financial Journalist of the Year.

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Book written by David Smith
Book written by David Smith