Jonas Kjellberg (Sweden)

Jonas Kjellberg (Sweden)

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Business Advisor & Founding Partner, Skype

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The founders of Skype had a simple idea that went on to revolutionise the entire telecoms sector. Since the company was sold Jonas has taught at Stanford, launched an early stage fund to back scaleable new business models, and co-authored books on growth strategy and ways to test the enterprise’s durability. He speaks about spearheading an idea, standing out from the crowd, creating a winning sales culture and bringing the whole organisation together.


As one of the founding partners of Skype, Jonas Kjellberg was part of one of the internet’s biggest businesses - a simple, innovative idea that has gone on to revolutionise and disrupt the telecommunications sector and spawn many imitators. He now works with a wide range of businesses, from multinationals to startups, tech to retail, on key issues such as digital transformation, the future of work and the workplace, and the circular economy.

Having worked with Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström on the management side of Skype, Jonas eventually became VP of Global Sales and MD. Since the sale of Skype, he has worked extensively advising other companies as well as consulting, lecturing at Stanford and the Stockholm School of Economics, and starting his own businesses.

As a speaker, as well as lessons from the Skype story, Jonas addresses all aspects of contemporary business both in the tech sector and elsewhere. From the specifics of sales, product, investment and growth, to broader examinations of the business climate and entrepreneurialism. He looks at fundamental strategies and business models as well as culture and disruption, and at how companies keep up with changing consumer demands.

Jonas was CEO and founder of Campuz Mobile, and Optimal Telecom, part of Tele2. He has also served as vice president of Bertelsmann for Lycos Europe and CEO of Wyatt Media group. He lectures at Stanford University on sales cultures and how to bring product sales, profitability and the whole company together. He is the co-author (with business academics at both Stanford and Stockholm universities) of Gear Up: Bring Business Opportunities to Life which looks at growth strategy within businesses, especially how tech companies deal with rapid expansion and scaling, and also Business Creation, a guide for new businesses and entrepreneurs to test the durability of their business models.

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