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Former BBC Business Correspondent

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Before joining the BBC, Joe ran a chain of restaurants in Germany, and became one of the few journalists with first-hand experience of everyday business life. With almost 20 years at the BBC, Joe has covered everything from the financial crisis and the political fallout from the EU referendum to the spread of disinformation across media platforms and the social impact of phone fraud.


Joe Lynam served as a BBC Business Correspondent for over 15 years, regularly reporting for various news programmes across the network including Today, BBC One Breakfast and the BBC News Channel. Joe is an award-winning journalist and currently presents The Newsroom on Radio 4 and the World Service.

Prior to his business brief, Joe was based in Brussels covering events in Europe from detailed policy issues to the shifts in power amongst member states and public opinion. Before becoming a journalist, Joe ran his own business, a chain of pubs and restaurants in Germany. As a result, and unusually for a business correspondent, he has first-hand experience of hiring, firing, growth, credit and the everyday life of a business.

Combining his European and business briefs, Joe travelled across Europe for Newsnight examining the effects of the Eurozone crisis in countries including Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Cyrpus and Italy. He’s also covered key events including the G20 plans to tackle the financial crisis, IMF and EU negotiations over national bailout funds, and the mis-selling of investments. As well as taking the lead on business across the BBC at weekends, Joe has presented business bulletins on Radio 4’s Today programme, combining the big economic and business news with an understanding of policy, consumer and personal finance issues. His career has also seen him cover everything from the Eurozone crisis to the spread of disinformation on social media.

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