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Jennifer Holloway

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Personal Brand Expert

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Jennifer is a personal brand expert whose expertise is built on her own experience. From her corporate days running press offices, to being the boss of her own business, she’s used her brand to raise her profile, build relationships, increase her influence, and stay on people’s radars. Jennifer knows that everyone in business can benefit from doing the same.


For over fifteen years Jennifer Holloway has been teaching people in business how to blow their own trumpet, without sounding like an idiot (something every audience can benefit from). She specialises in personal branding: what it is, why it’s important and how to use it to increase your confidence, impact, and profile.

With her focus on simple explanations and practical tips, Jennifer leaves delegates’ heads buzzing with the realisation personal branding isn’t rocket science – it’s very do-able, and what they’ve learnt can be applied immediately.

Her interactive exercises get audiences working on their personal brand in the moment, discovering new insights and creating talking points that celebrate people’s commonality and diversity.

Jennifer’s own personal brand is described as engaging, energetic and entertaining – or as one client said, “She’s like double espresso.” She certainly practices what she preaches, having put her own brand at the heart of her business, using it to raise her profile, connect with contacts and build a client list that includes some of the most recognisable brands in the world.

Her book Personal Branding for Brits: How to promote yourself, raise your profile and get ahead...without sounding like an idiot, is for anyone who comes from a place where promoting yourself is frowned upon.

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