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Former CEO, Jägermeister

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Hasso has turned an outdated herbal schnapps into one of the world’s most popular and recognisable drinks brands for young people - managing both the marketing and supply chain operation. Now a director of several German SMEs, Hasso believes entrepreneurs should focus on the fundamentals, say ‘no’ to any proposition that doesn’t exactly fit the brand, take time to understand the challenge and ensure the change programme amounts to more than a series of announcements.


As chairman of the board of Mast-Jägermeister AG, Hasso Kaempfe turned the formerly outdated herbal schnapps into one of the world’s most popular drinks and recognisable brands for young people, managing not only the company's marketing strategy, but also its supply chain operation.

Previously, Hasso had been a member of the board of Tchibo, the world’s fourth-largest coffee roaster and one of Germany’s biggest international consumer products. As a trained lawyer he has worked as a legal executive and as an attorney at Hamburg Regional Court. Prior to that he served as a lieutenant colonel in the German Army reserves.

Today Hasso is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Swiss-based Hero Group, the privately-owned, multinational food business. Additionally he also acts as chairman or board member for a number of medium-sized German family-owned consumer and retail companies. Furthermore, he is a Senior Advisor for various consultancy and private equity companies, co-founder of a startup incubator and Vice Chairman of the German Brands Association in Berlin.

In presentations Hasso speaks about change management and brand and corporate strategy, particularly with reference to his time reinventing the Jägermeister brand. He also speaks about the unique management and board supervision of privately and family-owned companies.

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