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Economic Author & Commentator

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Hamish established his reputation for insight into global changes with his book The World in 2020. It stood out from other efforts to anticipate the future because it explored many forces for change, from globalisation and natural resources to technology, demographic shifts and geo-politics. In his follow-up What Works - Success stories from around the world he looks at what we can draw from diverse examples of innovation from mobile telephony in Africa, sports education in Australia and New York philanthropy.


Hamish McRae is a hugely respected economic journalist and author he was a long-serving Associate Editor and Chief Economic Commentator of The Independent before the title went digital-only. He continues to write columns online, and also writes regularly for the London Evening Standard. He is also author of the acclaimed book, The World in 2020: Power, Culture & Prosperity - an international bestseller translated into a dozen languages.

Unlike many forecasters, Hamish’s presentations bring together all the forces for change in the short to medium term: demographics, natural resources, government and policy, globalisation, technology, and society. Once these changes are properly understood and placed in context, they can be used to inform strategy. There’s no given formula or single conclusion, but a compelling case for every business to be nimble and innovative in their own way.

Retaining a global perspective, Hamish has also published the influential What Works: Success in Stressful Times. In it he documents what we can draw from achievements like mobile telephony in Africa, sports education in Australia and New York philanthropy. He looks at what were the common threads and unique circumstances that has seen huge growth,phenomenal success or dynamic innovation, and consider how they be replicated by organisations and states.

Hamish started his career as Deputy Editor of The Banker and Editor of Euromoney, before becoming Financial Editor of The Guardian. He has been named Business and Finance Journalist of the Year by the British Press Awards.

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Book written by Hamish McRae
Book written by Hamish McRae