Håkan  Nordkvist  (Sweden)

Håkan Nordkvist (Sweden)

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Former Head of Sustainability Innovation, IKEA Group

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Håkan is the former Head of Sustainability Innovation at the IKEA Group. His role was to transform IKEA and create value for its customers by identifying opportunities and enabling and building transformational sustainability driven business solutions.


Håkan Nordkvist is the former Head of Sustainability innovation in IKEA Group. He built and led the team for eleven years where he combined sustainability and innovation to build new businesses for IKEA.

Håkan and his team built the IKEA Clean energy service business, now operational in more than fourteen countries across the world and spearheaded the food innovation agenda around plant-based proteins and new dishes for the restaurants.

He also led the circular business agenda in IKEA innovating and developing new business models including furniture as a service, IKEA second hand, and the IKEA take back and repair scheme.

Håkan was one of the founders and chairman of Launch Nordic, an innovation and collaboration platform created together with NASA, Nike, USAID and Novozymes. He has also served on the board of BoKlok, an affordable housing company building sustainable houses to affordable prices.

In his speeches Håkan considers about how he helped to reduce IKEA’s contribution to climate change, what sustainable changes brands will make in the future, and how we can innovate and build a circular economy.

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