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The author and brand consultant believes fresh thinking is the only way to sustain competitive advantage. He is also a champion of simplicity as the perfect antidote to an increasingly complex world. With a wonderfully dry wit Guy shows how to find solutions to virtually any problem, throw off conventional thinking and avoid meaningless clichés by breaking every challenge into small parts and seeing through others’ eyes. After dinner the bestselling business writer lives up to his billing as the David Attenborough of the corporate jungle with a wry look at managers, workplace relationships and conferences.


Guy Browning has two key characteristics necessary for great business communication: a thorough understanding of commercial issues and a highly developed sense of humour. Dubbed the ‘David Attenborough of the business jungle’, he wrote The Guardian’s Office and How To colums, presented Small Talk on Radio 4, and has written a raft of books frequently taking a wry look at working life, but also extending to novels and guides to life and politics for the bewildered.

Originally an advertising copywriter, Guy’s expertise lies in the use of creativity to solve business problems. He runs the Smokehouse consultancy, helping companies conceive more innovative products, services and processes, and new ways of communicating. He’s also a compelling speaker, showing how people in every part of the organisation can use intelligence, initiative and imagination to tackle any core issue. In both speeches and workshops he helps groups and individuals to think differently, work together better, and perform at their very best.

Guy is also widely acknowledged as one of the funniest after dinner speakers around. He slices straight through management clichés, reveals the true purpose of conferences and offers some invaluable tips on how to scale the greasy pole: “Get yourself noticed by volunteering (but remember, work itself makes you almost invisible); steer well clear of meetings (just tell them you’re in a meeting), and ignore all emails (most of which are bio-degradable).” From the contradictions of office rules to the trappings of management, Guy entertainingly and insightfully disects workplace relationships, hierarchies and mysteries.

Guy’s books include Weak at the Top: The Uncensored Diary of the Last Cavemanager, which was adapted into a Radio 4 sitcom starring Alexander Armstrong, and Office Politics - How Work Really Works. He's also written Never Hit a Jellyfish with a Spade and Never Push When It Says Pull: Small Rules for Little Problems, both helping readers to deal with life's challenges. Guy has also penned a draft British constitution, a novel written in lists, a guide to being normal and Maps of my Life, which he describes as an autobiography without the bad bits. He has also brought a new approach to cinema, writing and directing his first film financed by and starring locals from his own Oxfordshire village.

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In the words of one client, listening to Guy is “like being at The Comedy Store, but with a business message!” I’ve seen him have a group of stockbrokers on their feet impersonating athletes, pondering moral queries and roaring with laughter at his advice on how to manage your boss. They were putty in a master’s hands! JLA Agent Emily Collier

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